Compliments on having chosen India as your holiday destination.This is a gigantic country with diversity in every facet be it the breathtaking natural beauty,its culture,languages,history and the friendly and extremely hospitable people.Get ready for the culture shock in this beautiful but crazy place.Put aside your pre conceived notions,relax , don,t lose your cool and let this chaotic,exasperating,wonderful and intoxicating country captivate you.

If you,re looking for history and heritage monuments then go for the royal palaces of Rajasthan,the fascinating Mughal architecture symbolized by the Taj Mahal ,the imposing forts of North India and beautiful temples of the South.

Are you a wild life enthusiast? Then it’s the multifaceted national parks all over India: Tigers in Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh,elephants in Rajaji and Kerala,rhinos in Kaziranga and so many more .Head down south to the backwaters of Kerala for peace and quiet.If its spirituality you,re looking for then maybe you need to hit Rishikesh, Varanasi, and Tibetan influenced valleys of Ladakh

It is best to book a tour in advance unless you have a connection in India and get your visa in time. Being so vast you may not have the time to see it all in one trip but its more rewarding to spend a whole day or more in one place rather than trying to see too much in one day.Amongst the plethora of tour operators that organise visits to India ,we, at Aerotrek,have always sought to distinguish ourselves with our deep knowledge and our love for India .We have 2 decades of experience to bring to you India in all its beautiful uniqueness with an unmatched level of trust,comfort and economy.Beware deals that sound too good to be true  can actually be a hoax.There are touts and scamsters here too.
At first glance what hits the new visitor is that  there are so many people everywhere.Indian people are polite and friendly and if they stare its only because they,re curious.Very soon you,ll get used to it.


1.Visa and permits:All visitors to India require a visa and any Indian Consular Office will issue a multiple entry tourist visa for you.Permits are needed for certain states even for Indian nationals viz.Mizoram,Meghalaya,Nagaland,Arunachal Pradesh,Manipur.

2.Health and Immunisations:There are no vaccination requirements for India but preventive vaccinations for cholera,typhoid and tetanus can be taken on your doctors advice.Care should be taken with uncooked and stale food though most stomach upsets are caused by bad water.Mineral water should be used even for brushing of teeth.Also remember to carry your medical kit  and mosquito repellants.

3.Money :There is no restriction upon the amount of money you can carry though it is best to declare  a huge amount.Currency should be exchanged at official banks and money changers preferably. Credit cards are widely accepted.

4.Insurance: A comprehensive insurance is essential