On the ancient trade route from Persia,Egypt and Africa , in the heart of the Thar Desert is Jaisalmer, a remote settlement populated by palaces and havelis. The city was founded by Raja Rawal Jaisal,a Bhatti Rajput ruler around 1156 atop the Trikut Hill.Its economy thrived on taxes levied on passing caravans. Sandstone architecture is predominant with abundant rooftop vistas, charming facades and winding streets and pathways.The golden Jaisalmer Fort standing atop the Trikut Hill, defended by 99 turrets encloses the old city.
Camel safaris help you to travel the trail of the ancient silk traders .Sleeping under the clear starry sky, travelling across the vast desert on camelback, dancing and singing along with the locals around the fire: all of it comes together to make your Jaisalmer trip memorable.

The Royal Cenotaphs of Bada Bagh

Gadi sagar Lake

kuldhara Empty Village

Sam Sand Dunes

Amar Sagar

Khaba ka Fort

Dune Bashing

Patwon ki Haweli