385 miles from Delhi is one of Indias most visited destinations after the Taj Mahal.Known the world over for its medieval Hindu and Jain temples and more so for its erotic sculpture,Khajuraho derives its name from the word khajur or the date palm.This city, which has achieved world UNESCO heritage status, lies in the Bundelkhand region of the state of Madhya Pradesh and is a classic example of the finesse of India’s cultural and artistic heritage. The Khajuraho group of temples were built together but were dedicated to two religions, Hinduism and Jainism, suggesting a tradition of acceptance and respect for other religious views .

Great patrons of art,the innovative thoughts of the Chandela Rajputs and the inspired creativity of their craftsmen culminated in 1050AD in 85 magnificent temples(only 22 remain).They are an expression of a highly matured civilization and the striking ,erotic and aesthetic sculptures which adorn the walls are undisputed in their dignity.Yet only 10% of the sculptures are sexual in nature.Most of them depict ordinary everyday lives of the people.Just being there is an appointment with your personal self.Being isolated it was preserved from Muslim invaders who had sacrileged other such temples.

The Khajuraho temple complex comprise some of these temples among others:

1.The Chausath  Yogini temple dedicated to Goddess Kali.

2.Among the six Shiva temples is theThe Kandariya Mahadev temple which is the largest and most profusely sculptured temple with intricate details.

  1. Chitragupta dedicated to the sun God with a lovely image of 11- headed Vishnu

4.Vishnu Garuda temple and other temples dedicated to the incarnations of Lord Vishnu like

Varaha and Vamana. 

5.Temples dedicated to Jain Tirathankaris are Parshvanatha,Ghantai,Adinatha and Shantinatha temple.

6.There is light and sound show in the temple complex every evening.